About Us


Guided by over 16 years of experience, USMAT has provided technology solutions and innovative products for our government and commercial customers. Our team is comprised of highly-skilled professionals with a demonstrated ability to deliver effective and innovative solutions. We augment our in-house talent pool by leveraging a large network of domain experts and leaders in their respective fields.

What We Do

USMAT, Inc. is a small business focused on developing innovative solutions to maintain and improve the technical advantage of our armed forces. Our relentless focus on developing the best possible solution begins with optimizing the technology for performance, manufacturability, and viability, and then optimizing it again and again and again. Drawing on our experience developing medical and commercial products, novel materials, manufacturing processes, and corporate ventures, we uniquely align each project for success.

Our Capabilities

Our continuously increasing in-house capabilities allow for start-to-finish product development.
Our suite of electronics simulation, modeling, and design software in combination…
Our advanced design, modeling, and simulation capabilities use SOLIDWORKS…
Industrial Design
We include industrial design as part of our development process. This important and often…
Rapid Prototyping
Our heavy investment in in-house capabilities is focused on rapid prototype iterations…


USMAT is focused on developing technologies such that they can be transitioned to commercial products. Our experience in product development, designing for regulated markets, and obtaining required certifications in combination with our track-record of commercial spinoffs, strategic partnerships with other corporations, and technology licensing and sale drastically increases the likelihood of commercial success.

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