Our continuously increasing in-house capabilities allow for start-to-finish product development.


Our suite of electronics simulation, modeling, and design software in combination with our array of test and reworks hardware are key to the development of advanced electronics systems. Partnerships with PCB manufacturers enable the development to meet all MIL, ISO, IPC, and related standards.


Our advanced design, modeling, and simulation capabilities use SOLIDWORKS and other related software packages to develop our mechanical systems and ensure integration with associated electronics.

Industrial Design

We include industrial design as part of our development process. This important and often overlooked aspect of product development incorporates appearance, functionality / human factor considerations, and manufacturability. The shape, integration of texture, and use of colors allow for a more intuitive design which reduces the burden of training and improves the effectiveness of our solutions.

Rapid Prototyping

Our heavy investment in in-house capabilities is focused on rapid prototype iterations. Our facilities include approximately 1,200 sq ft of machining space and dedicated additive manufacturing space which includes 3D printing capabilities for both large and fine- featured designs using a wide variety of standard and biocompatible materials. Our relationships with contract manufacturers ensure seamless transition to volume production.