Focus Areas


With experience in hearing research dating back to the early 1990s, USMAT leverages this in-house capability to improve performance. Whether developing monitoring systems for flight deck crew or enhancing situational awareness, we develop innovative solutions to reduce hearing loss, improve intelligibility and communication, and reduce noise-induced fatigue.
Our team has experience improving clarity over wireless communications systems, improved communication for divers, noise dosimetry for warfighters and support crew, developing in-ear monitoring systems, and active noise reduction.

Machine Learning

Our team was working on machine learning from before it was mainstream. 30 years of experience in algorithm training, pattern recognition, and decision making is leveraged in the development of our intelligent systems. The significant value-add of our capabilities include reduction or elimination of training requirements, intelligent automation removes the decision-making burden from the warfighter, and improved detection.

Diver/Ocean Systems

We leverage our decades of experience in marine environments to develop solutions that incorporate the unique, associated constraints. Our experience includes improved diver garments to eliminate hypothermia risk, improved underwater communication, wireless underwater data transmission for connected divers and systems, and physiological status monitoring for divers and marine animals.

Human Systems

The domain expertise in the development of wearable system, human-sensor and human-machine interfaces, and diagnostic systems is leveraged along with our teams experience in electrical, mechanical, biomedical, and industrial design fields to develop performance solutions. Our background in ISO 13485:2016 and QMS facilitate the transition of these Class I, Class II, and Class III devices from the prototyping phase to manufacturing and regulatory approval.

Control Systems

Our in-house expertise in sensors, systems, and controls enables the development of advanced control systems for improved manufacturing process control, more precise flow regulation, and intelligent wearable systems. The combined multiple-domain expertise yield a complete, system-level understanding of the requirements leading to optimal solutions.